The Problem

As a leading recruitment agency, Cobalt constantly connect with potential employees and recruiting employers alike. To maximise their efficiency, Cobalt decided that they needed to focus their engagement with target audiences to increase the amount of relevant candidate leads produced for individual vacancies.

The solution

Terrier highlighted the need to target experienced industry professionals and explored using engaging content-based marketing. 48 blog articles were created that focused on a variety of trade-related topics. The content was largely varied, balancing industry-specific content with lighter articles responding to current affairs and trends. This was paired with twelve on-site video animations that drew new audiences to key areas of the site. The effects of the new content were concentrated through industry-specific retargeting of audiences across several media platforms. Interaction with targeted users was extended through email marketing combined with Facebook ads.

The Results

The new content and targeting methods led to 83% increase in job applications across the site. In tandem with this, Cobalt’s site saw a 61% increase in general traffic year on year. The role of social media in the re-targeting process resulted in increased exposure. Cobalt’s new YouTube channel recorded over 50,000 views alongside 700+ likes on Facebook.