4 reasons why animated videos can establish your brand identity and achieve a strong ROI

Standing out and attracting new customers is a challenge for every brand. In today’s fast-paced market, you need to be as engaging as possible. Animation is an exciting way to visually convey a branded message. If you want to distinguish your brand from your competitors, animated videos can give you an edge on the competition.

Explainer videos get you close to your audience

Animated explainer videos get straight to the point, in a way that’s entertaining and informative. Video content is on the verge of taking over the internet, so it’s an area you can’t afford to skip. They save time and are more accessible than any other piece of content. Explainer videos make it easy for your audience to understand who you are and what problem your service or product solves. You can show exactly what your brand offers in less than two minutes. Explainer videos give your audience information in the simplest way possible. As a result, your audience will have a deeper connection with the content.

Character Building

Why not create a character in your animated video? It can serve as the face of your brand. When it comes to animation, the possibilities are endless. An animated character can reflect your brand’s personality, and do so without getting caught up in the politics of stereotypes and identification. With animated videos, you can bring any concept to life – all within budget, too.

Animated videos purvey trust

When you create any marketing video, you’re not only advertising a product, but you’re advertising trust. Animated videos can get your brand’s message across more efficiently. We tend to trust things that are simple, yet impactful. Videos with personality and emotion usually stick in our minds. This is why videos can boost conversion rates by 20%. To achieve a strong ROI, you need to create video content that inspires action. If people find your video funny or motivating, they’ll more likely see your brand as a trustworthy and want to share your video on social media. If you want trust from your customers, you have to be transparent. Animated videos enable you to display your company culture in a clear, concise way. Use animations to create honest relationships with your customers.

Online visibility

Like video marketing itself, animated videos can increase your brand’s online visibility. Video is the easiest content to spread through social media and they rank higher in search engines than plain text. Your business and its products can get more exposure with animated videos, which can lead to greater sales. According to Vidyard, enjoyment of online video increase purchase intent by 97%. There’s also SEO value in video content. Video is 50 times more likely to get organic page ranks in Google than plain text results (source: Forrester Research). In an even simpler sense, YouTube is an incredibly valuable platform in itself: Your brand would be found by new, prospective customers constantly as YouTube ranks as the internet’s second largest search engine – after Google, of course.

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