4 SEO strategies to instantly improve your content marketing

Content marketing is paramount to the success of your business. When you create engaging content, you can build a community of loyal customers and make your brand an authority. All your content needs to be optimised for Google’s Rank Brain, an AI program that helps Google rank content. It’s one of the most important factors in determining the results that appear in Google. In fact, Rank Brain is responsible for 15% of all online searches. It uses a series of databases to work out a value based on click through rate and dwell time. Behind the scenes, data is fed into the algorithm to make search results more relevant. It’s time to move away from the old-school tricks of SEO and start improving your content for Rank Brain.

Optimise your title tag to boost CTR

The title tag is the most important part of a webpage. It helps search engines understand the meaning of a piece of content. You should focus on creating catchy titles and meta descriptions based on phrases that people are searching for. It can help increase your CTR, which is crucial to getter higher rankings on Google. Search engines figure out whether a website has quality content if you have high click through-rates, and if visitors are staying on your page for a distinct amount of time. It’s important you strike the right balance between optimisation and creating content that brings value to the reader.

Invest in video content

Video is the internet’s most consumed form for content. It has grown at a rapid pace in recent years and proven extremely effective when attracting new customers. 90% of users say they’ve watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service. If you’re launching a new product, video content can do wonders for your marketing. Videos can convey messages more efficiently and engage visitors for longer, which increases your dwell time. Using video content can drastically improve your chances of appearing on the front page of Google search results. The use of video in online advertisement has also been shown to yield higher click-through-rates than standard advertising.

Use Google related search queries in your content

Every day millions of people type questions in Google to get a specific answer. You could be damaging your chances of ranking if your content is not tailored to a question. Many people relied on short phrases in the early days of SEO, but now longer search queries have become the norm. The sheer amount of information on search engines has ensured this change. It’s important you optimise your content for long-tail keywords and search related queries. How do I increase traffic to my site? How do I get noticed on YouTube? These are examples of search queries. Including them in your content marketing can make Google more clearly understand the purpose of your site, which can help boost your rankings.

Write in-depth content

Quite simply: Google loves long form, in-depth content. While shorter content still performs well in search engines, long-form content ranks much higher and it can help establish the brand as an expert on the subject matter. In-depth content has more value, increasing the likelihood of people sharing it on social media. The other reason for writing longer content is that people will spend more time reading it, which means more time on your site. If you want to generate substantial search traffic that increases sales and converts to sign up, in-depth content is the key.

Above all, you should focus on producing quality content that’s visually appealing. It’s difficult to keep up with all the aspects of Google’s algorithm, but as long as you understand how it works and you create relevant content, you stand a good chance of ranking highly.

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