5 tips on creating the best B2B content

In order to craft the best B2B content, you need to convey information in a professional way, but with an interesting and engaging tone. Your content should express your authoritativeness and that you’re an expert in your industry. Below, we’ve put together a list of top tips to power you B2B content.

Create a variety of content types

For long-term B2B marketing success, you must mix up your content. Try infographics, short video, SlideShare presentations and anything else that makes your brand stand out. If you create diverse content, you’ll attract more people to your site and build a solid audience.

Share content on LinkedIn

Although you should have a healthy mix of social channels, LinkedIn still remains king. It’s the most popular B2B social sharing platform, with 92% of B2B marketers using it to share content. It has various pages and groups where you can share your content, helping you to reach your target audience.  Also, LinkedIn’s targeted advertising offers great marketing opportunities. Make sure to really dive into the details to connect with as many relevant audiences/interests as possible.

Focus on long-form content

Many brands assume that short and snappy content is most effective for modern attention spans, but various reports have shown otherwise. Also, in-depth, high quality content ranks higher in the search engines than short-form content. Long-form content is one of the most powerful types of B2B content. Why? Because brands can provide genuine thought leadership and storytelling. This is very difficult to do in a 300-word post. So, B2B brands should make their content longer and more detailed for greater results.

Unique and of value

It should go without saying but the key to great content is value and uniqueness. However, with so many brands covering the same topic as you, it’s almost impossible to reinvent the wheel completely. That’s why you must approach the themes and topics of others from a different angle. Find a strong theme that your brand can build upon, which will enable you to teach your audience something new.

Use a consistent voice

To create great B2B content, you need an authentic voice that is consistent across all your content. Even serious, professional B2B brands must have personality. Your voice should have three characteristics, like friendly, enthusiastic and action-orientated. Whether it’s a one-line social media post or a fifteen minute video script, it’s important to find your brand’s tone of voice and stick with it.

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