Experimentation has always been important to the arts. We understand that marketing the arts requires a certain level of thinking outside of the box.

We try everything and, if needs be, fail fast. Whether that’s attempting different content mixes, running radius target campaigns around locations or slightly risky social posts.

Every project starts with the fundamentals. We make sure all our clients are ticking every best practice box when it comes to their site, social channels and content marketing. There’s never any point in driving loads of traffic back to a broken site. This starts from the bottom up: Ironing out structural issues and kicking page load speeds into gear. We audit the site from the off and provide regular structural and UX reports. We also ensure that remarketing code is in place across the site, as we know that users do not always convert on their first visit. Rather than just remarket to users with static display advertising that has little standout value, we use dynamic display, YouTube video and PPC campaigns to retarget to this audiences

One thing the Arts sector is never short on is content. We provide our clients with a full twelve-month content calendar outlining all the on-site content we would look to create: interesting blog content that pulls in organic traffic, monthly social plans, on-site pages that need rewriting and updating. We aim to work ahead of time, freeing up space later in the project to write topical, short-lifespan content as and when.

Here at Terrier, we’re well aware of the fact that brands and businesses in the arts sector often create fantastic content in-house. In addition to our own content, we consult with all our clients on their content-creation. Making the most of existing assets is key. Repurposing successful blog content with updated figures, quotes, etc. is highly valuable from both user and SEO points of view. The aim is always to improve and maximise the value of authentic, in-house content. Evolution not revolution. 

Blogger, vlogger and Instagram outreach is essential for brand in the sector. The approach of contacting dozens of influencers across several different channels increases awareness of the brand whilst increasing referral traffic and website authority. In many ways, influencers are the perfect marketing tool for capturing the excitement and energy of a show or event.

All this outreach activity is supported by a backbone of attribution modelling mapping out the real, monetary cost of a view, a like, a referral, etc. for each product or ticket offered. The end result is not only a dramatic increase in traffic to the site from referrals, a major increase in overall organic traffic and a dramatic increase in on-site conversion from the dynamic remarketing campaigns running across several channels.

We understand how time can be tight – and marketing budgets even tighter – so we aim to be as efficient and agile as possible in our work. Our client’s ROI is the start and end point of every project.

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