The best Facebook Ad targeting strategies that you should be using

If you want to attract the best, most relevant customers for your brand, you’ll need a solid advertising strategy. There are multiple effective ways you can target people who have a very specific profiling, in order to get more customers and grow your business. If you take full advantage of the following Facebook ad targeting options, you’ll have a very powerful ad campaign that gets you results.

Custom Audience

Facebook custom audience allows you to target ads to your existing customers. You can create an email list made up of the audience you’ve already created. To do this, you must upload the customer list file to Facebook and they will hash your data and create the audience for you. Also, you must create your custom audience pixel in the ads manager and display this code on your site. It connects with Facebook and tracks your visitors. Once you’ve set up custom audiences, you’ll be able to advertise to anyone who visited your site in the last 180 days, as long as they’re logged into Facebook. So, if you own a store, you’ll be able to retarget previous customers and visitors, and potentially drive more sales.

Lookalike Audiences

Creating lookalike ad audiences is a great way to find new customers that may be interested in your brand. You must have a custom audience already created, as lookalike audiences are generated from that list. To start, go to your Facebook audiences in Ads Manager or Power Editor and choose Lookalike Audience. Here you’ll be able to choose your source audience, which Facebook identifies and then finds people with similar commonalities. You’ll be able to build new people using an already established audience. For example, if you have a fashion brand, many of your customers will be interested in designer clothes, so you’ll be able to create an ad that reaches people who share these things in common with your current audience. It can be a huge boost to your marketing efforts.

Life event targeting

Facebook has a life events parameter that lets you target people at specific time intervals, allowing businesses to really cater to their customers’ interests and needs. Also, it helps you reach users at key moments during the purchase journey. In your ads manager, you’ll be able to browse through different life events, like ‘new job’ and ‘newly engaged’. So as a company, you’ll be able to target people who specifically need your services. Perhaps you own a wedding planner company and your target market is the newly engaged, this feature is a powerful way of narrowing down your ad targeting.

Detailed Targeting

The final major targeting tool: detailed targeting. Using this strategy, you’ll be able to create ads for particular interests, customer behaviors, and specific demographics. Detailed targeting has been available on Facebook for a while now, but you may still be missing out. When you create an ad in the manager, refine your marketing scope by entering multiple interests. Make these as specific and niche as possible. If you are a tech company, then you would create ads that target people who are interested in gadgets and the latest devices. Select from a range of demographics and you can exclude those who are interested in something that does not align with your brand.

Facebook should be high in your overall marketing strategy. If you use their ad tools correctly, you’ll be able to attract your desired customers and increase traffic to your site.

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