Blogger Outreach: Finding & contact vloggers

Vloggers are a great way to increase brand awareness in the digital space. Like blogger outreach the first task is identifying your target audience and finding bloggers that have a similar target demographic.

To find vloggers, search on YouTube for whatever type of vloggers you are searching for. The things you need to look at for these ones, are subscriber count, depending on what kind of vloggers you are looking for, you ideally want 100+ if it’s an FMCG brand or 500+ for fashion & beauty brands.

Another way of finding vloggers is to search for competitors brand terms in YouTube and click on “”Filter”” and “”This Month”” . You will now have a list of all the videos that have the competitor term used in the last month. This is a great starting point for brands who are catching up with competitors in the first instance.

You should be able to find their email address from their about section, if not, have a look on their other social media or see if they have a website that might have an email address to contact. Failing that, try and contact them through YouTube message via the brand YouTube channel.

For all blogger outreach, make sure they have an email address to contact before adding them to the vlogger list. There’s no point adding them to the list if they don’t have an address to contact.

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