Boost your engagement with Facebook’s group within pages feature

There are over 70 million pages on Facebook and 100 million groups. Now brands and publishers have the option to merge the two together. Facebook is rolling out a new feature, giving page administrators the ability to create their own groups. This could potentially help marketers and brands increase engagement with niche groups. They are being rolled out as a way for companies to connect more easily with their biggest fans.

The best part of the update is that users will be able to see which groups are official and which were set up by the fans. This is a great news for brands, as they’ll be able to separate their brand from unofficial groups and also create more privacy. It’ll allow a brand to have ongoing, live discussions with people. So, a marketing brand could discuss their latest service or product with their followers, or a publisher could talk about new articles and stories with its most loyal readers.

Today, marketers and brands are always looking for ways to create better engagement with their audience in real time, with the end goal of improving retention. With Facebook groups, companies could potentially create more excitement about their brand and get more positive reception. These niche, tightly knit online communities could be used as a way to allow users to get involved with decisions made by the business, therefore boosting engagement and consumer intrigue.

Also, page admins have the option to link to an existing group, since many companies already made their own fan-based groups before Facebook created a way to overlap the two. Facebook users can easily find the groups because they will show up when they browse an official page. With so many business pages already on Facebook, there’s incredible potential for groups to dramatically boost customer engagement.

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