BRAND DNA: How to strengthen your brand’s identity

A company is a living, breathing being; it constantly grows and develops. Your company is the product, and reflection, of you and your hard work. It’s vital, therefore, to consider the internal identity of your brand. Clearly deciding who you are, what your values are and what you believe in will in turn determine how consumers perceive you. This is vital for a brand’s trajectory and affirms why people will set you apart from the competition. In purposefully and carefully solidifying your brand DNA, an iconic brand identity can be created. Consider the strength of Apple’s brand identity and ensuing integrity- the now iconic logo with Steve Jobs as the face of, and story behind, the brand. This was no accident for the company and both elements continue to strengthen the identity of the brand.

There are five key questions you should try to answer when evaluating your brand DNA.

  1. What is your background, your heritage? Think carefully about the story of your product or company and what you are synonymous with. This story informs the culture of your product. How your roots inspire and inform your identity will help you determine how you are unique, what is at your core, and lead you to answer the question…
  2. What is your brand advantage? Consider how and why you are different from the competition. What makes you special? Is it precision, superior quality or longevity? This could also be cultural, relating to your country of origin, or historical. What do you want your brand to be known for? Why do customers benefit going to you rather than your competitors? Consider your expert knowledge in your field and why you should be market leaders.
  3. What are your core values? What do you believe in? This will shape why you do what you do and most importantly will allow consumers to relate to you and what you do. Customers want to respect and connect with the beliefs and values of the products they purchase. This will encourage loyalty, leading you to question…
  4. What do your customers think about you? Consider how customers perceive the brand; how would they describe you? In detailing and reinforcing your brand’s story, you are facilitating the connection consumers can make with your product.
  5. Finally, What is your vision for the future? Where do you envisage the brand going in the future? What are your aims? In solidifying your brand’s story and core beliefs, you can determine your vision for the future.


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