Building a large Instagram following through outreach

Most brands today will not hesitate to jump on Facebook or Twitter, but Instagram is a fast-growing social network that is important for any business. Instagram is great for engagement, so marketers should take the time to build up a following using outreach. Here we outline how you can develop an influencer outreach strategy.

Identify the right influencers

The first thing to do is identify the best influencers and reach out to them. The ideal influencer will be the one that is relevant to your niche and has an interest in your product or service. An easy way to track influencers is by typing in keywords relative to your niche. You can filter the search by follow count, so you only seek out those with a large audience. Make sure the influencer has quality content and a high overall engagement rate, not just on Instagram. When you find your influencers, make a list and select the ones you wish to contact first.

Engage with influencers

There are different ways that you can engage with influencers. You can offer to share another Instagram user’s material, in exchange for yours. This serves as a shortcut to connect you with thousands of new users. Your brand will be validated by the influencer who shares your content, making your business more appealing to new users.

Offer a free product

Many influencers will only want to help you build a following if you can offer them something in return. So, why not offer them free product? In exchange for the product, ask them to put a link to your website on their landing page. This is a simple concept that up-and-coming brands are doing on a daily basis.

Build your relationship

Focus on establishing a long-lasting relationship with the influencers you have outreached. Make sure you keep communicating and engaging with them. Also, let them know your intended target audience and expectations for your content strategy. In short, don’t treat influencers as business partners, but rather use them as creative contacts for help, exposure and support.

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