You can’t afford to miss Facebook’s new measurement tools

Facebook is set to roll out new measurement tools to give marketers more information about the performance of their ad campaigns. They aim to provide more transparency and build better trust with advertisers. We discussed Facebook’s new household targeting feature in our last post, so now we’re looking at their new data tools.

The company’s new data features will give marketers access to metrics that measure how many people click on an ad and then visit a page. It’ll help brands understand how their ads increase web site traffic and drive results. With its focus on metrics, the new updates will not just more accurately track the number of people clicking on ads, but make it easier for brands to see whether their marketing is actually helping their business.

Also, Facebook is introducing a feature called “pre-impression activity breakdown”. This tool will show whether the person who clicks on the ad has previously interacted with the brand. Marketers will be able to understand if a user has had previous experience with the specific business, allowing for comparisons to be made between new and old visitors. Facebook wants to ensure more immediacy and highly detailed measurements.

In addition, Facebook is also adding metrics for specific pages, which will show how many follows a page gets, where they came from and what their demographics are. Marketers and brands will also be able to see the number of people that previewed a page without clicking on it.

Facebook had uncovered flaws in their system and were giving inaccurate data as a result, so these new updates are an attempt to refine its ad measurements. It’s clear that Facebook are now taking a more exhaustive approach to help brands get the best out of their ad campaigns. They have recently partnered with brands such as Nielsen and Integral Ad Science, to measure the performance of ads. With Facebook’s new updates, brands can now look forward to greater and more accurate insights on their ad campaigns.

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