My Car Credit: Driving on-site traffic through content


My Car Credit is an accessible car finance company at the forefront of its industry. However, their site indicated differently – it was losing traffic dramatically year-on-year and the conversion rate was quickly heading in the same direction.


We had a complete overhaul of the site’s content, optimising existing pages and creating dozens of FAQ-related articles to inform users about the brand. This content was then used to create a series of new YouTube videos. To make all of this work count, we also increased the site’s link profile through seeded infographics to improve its authority.


Our comprehensive approach to content increased the site’s visibility in organic searches almost immediately. This drove organic traffic to the site and increased the conversion rate, making a U-turn of the consistent year-on-year decline that the site had experienced.


Digital advertising is defined by its multiplicity. Whether you’re an established brand or a start-up, the number of different routes you can take in digitally promoting your brand is (almost) endless.

Well, most of the time.

Liquid Ice approached us to help launch and promote their brand new e-liquid and vaping hardware store. Launching a new ecommerce website in an area where all forms of online advertising are off-limits – such as e-cigarettes and vaping – is an incredibly difficult task.

No social ads. No PPC. No TrueView. No display ads.


Terrier set out drawing up a large scale, multi-channel outreach project. We specifically targeted the hundreds of micro-influencers in the European vaping community. In exchange for reviewing and posting content, influencers were able to sample the Liquid Ice range.

TFrom the off, we were keen to build an attribution model for every aspect of our outreach.

Every IG feed like and comment.
Every IG story.
Every view on YouTube.
Every blog post read.

To do this, we worked out our product cost (incl. P&P) and divided this by whatever our reach metric was. We worked out the monetary value depending on the specific format of each platform:

Instagram: PRICE (Product cost + P&P) / LIKES (Total IG likes on all posts by influencer)
YouTube: PRICE (Product cost + P&P) / VIEWS (Total YT views one each video by vlogger)
Blogs: PRICE (Product cost + P&P) / TRAFFIC (Total traffic on blog site over a month)

In regards to the blogs, we use a digital tool called SEMRush to estimate the amount of traffic that sees the product on the site over a month.



Our directed activity on this platform is cheaper and more effective than any other method. We estimate that our activity will have a reach of over 800,000 people. Using conservative conversion rates, we estimate that this reach will guarantee a recall of over 100,000 users, and garner a direct engagement of 53,000 users.

Put simply, Instagram ads are too expensive and time-consuming, in light of these results.


Our activity with bloggers has a dual-effect: it reaches potential customers and improves the Liquid Ice site. We reached over 100,000 users through blog reviews, and at the same time gained trusted links to the Liquid Ice, improving its link profile and authority.


Our activity with the e-liquid vlog community gained 5,000 views of videos purely reviewing our products.

They also provide vital no-follow links which balance the link profile of the site. This helps the strength of the Liquid Ice site to look natural and be respected by Google.


4th & Reckless was a brand new eCommerce site that had only been launched for a year. The site was performing very poorly in organic search and only ranked for brand related terms.


Working with the internal development team, Terrier helped amend the site’s structure to be inline with best practice. Next, we looked at areas across the site where we could dramatically increase the amount of content.

Terrier set out creating new content whilst also elaborating on existing content on product pages and categories. We then looked at building authority for the site by contacting hundreds of bloggers and vloggers to review free product in return for reviews.


• Over 52% increase in traffic to the site compared to the previous year
• Over 76% increase in organic traffic
• Over 84% increase in overall revenue
• Over 600 Vlogggers and Bloggers contacted


Taste Inc. wanted to increase the number of users who were aware of the brand and – in addition – had sampled the product.


In short: Spread the word through online sampling.

Terrier set out contacting hundreds of influential bloggers, YouTubers and Instagramers across a wide variety of interest groups, asking users to try the product. Like the product? Perhaps throw a post up about it. No hard sales pitch, no time constraints…

Alongside contacting influential users, Terrier also got in touch with users already engaging with Taste Inc. to reward them for their advocacy and encourage future activity.

In an influencer world, everyday consumers can spot an #ad at fifty paces, so it’s important to encourage ‘real’ activity from the off…


Over 1,500 new followers across Instagram alongside increased rates of engagement across the channel.

Over 10,000 views of Taste Inc. vlogger related video content.

Over 50 bloggers mentioning the product – over 160% increase in traffic to the site as a result of the increased link profile.

The brand channels are now tagged in a steady stream of valuable user-generated content. So much so, Terrier and Taste Inc. now have a weekly comp where Taste Inc. re-gram one user food shot a week in exchange for a voucher. #TasteIncTuesdays is now the channel’s most popular feature.

Real photos of snacks, recipes, salads showcasing Taste Inc.’s versatile product.


Luxury homeware retailer Rooi had reached a ceiling and needed to propel themselves forward. Rooi highlighted a number of areas of concern:
– Steady but slow growth year on year
– Reliable yet lean sales figures
– A limited customer base


Terrier set to work increasing awareness of the brand across the UK. To achieve this, we convinced over a hundred influential bloggers, Instagram influencers and over two dozen vloggers to review Rooi products on their relevant channels. All in return for just simply offering them free product off the site.


Rooi experienced growth in numerous key areas:
• 85% increase in overall traffic year on year
• 95% increase in organic traffic
• Over 3,500 engagements across Instagram (£0.10 per interaction)
• 50,000 views across vloggers’ channels (@ less than £0.01 per view)
• Over 6,000 referrals from bloggers to the site (£0.25 per visit)
• 78% increase in revenue


Ormrod is a distinguished electrical wholesaler of residential and commercial lighting based in a highly competitive area of London, Chiswick. They came to Terrier as their sales figures were dramatically down year on year, combined with fewer inquiries coming through from customers. In addition to this, Ormrod’s organic search performance was lacking behind other rival retailers.


Terrier set about optimising existing content across the site. We also looked at adding additional content to key, authoritative areas of the site, such as the category pages. Next, we highlighted structural weaknesses in the site that were hindering Ormrod’s organic search performance and began to fix them. Following this, we began evaluating different methods for building authority. We added the Ormrod site to a select group of highly trusted directories. After compiling a list of influential bloggers, Terrier began approaching them in regards to running competitions and giveaways on their sites, as well as editorial and review style content. Alongside this, Ormrod’s social media channels were supplied with a regular source of content, increasing their social media presence as a brand.


Ormrod now appears in the top three for dozens of keywords, something it failed to do previously. Across the board, visibility in organic search results increased by over 40%. Organic site visits, similarly, rose by over 25%.


Pure Smiles is situated in one of the most competitive districts of London, Fulham. Pure Smiles needed to improve its online presence to stand out from its competitors and improve its site traffic. Furthermore, in 2017 Pure Smiles opened a second branch in the Fulham area which needed to be added to the brand’s digital presence whilst also being promoted.


Terrier got involved by increasing the amount of content across the site by writing up fully customised treatment pages across dozens of topics. We created engaging blog content around a wide variety of different topics. Increased onsite reviews of the great treatments offered by Pure Smiles and redesigned the entire site 3 times in the last 3 years. Terrier also began a blogger outreach campaign with a selection of motherhood and lifestyle bloggers with high followings.


Pure Smiles received (on average) a 44% increase in total traffic every year compared to the previous year. In addition, there was a 60% increase in organic visitors on average coming to the site year on year over the last three years. The stats continue to increase each month, with the last three months seeing over a 120% increase in users to the site over last three months compared to the same period of time last year. Bounce rates have also improved drastically: 65.96% lower rate over the last three months compared to the same period last year.


The Millenary Works is a well-established antique centre and gallery in North London. Over the last few years, they have experienced a slowdown in footfall and trade. Their site hadn’t been changed in over a decade, and thus was out of touch with today’s digital world.


Terrier first set out to radically renovate their online site structure. We built a Shopify site that was easy for the client to use and regularly update with information and stock. We optimised the site for customer searches, developing an efficient keyword tagging system for the store’s back catalogue.


Traffic has risen by 30% month on month since the new site was launched. In addition to this, inquiries about products have risen by 25% month on month. The new product keyword tagging system has opened up their wide range of stock where previously some items went missing among the sheer volume of other products.


Taste Inc. have recently changed the direction of their product range, moving from microwavable burgers to 100% chargrilled chicken fillets. This of course requires an equal change of direction regarding market positioning, target audiences and customer bases. A large percentage of the brand’s existing followers across digital and social media platforms hadn’t engaged with the brand since they changed their product range. Equally their email newsletter list had ceased to be sent regular email communications.


Build a 6 month plan for the client which included blog content, weekly social competitions, Bi-monthly Facebook competitions app and a monthly newsletter, all aiming to build a new brand identify and communicate it to the existing following base. In addition to this, a blogger outreach campaign was launched for Taste Inc in order to raise awareness about the new product range and Taste Inc. as a brand on the whole..


Terrier have helped Taste Inc. continue to update their brand and image, whilst also increasing customer interest and engagement online:

• 18,000 people new data captured through the Facebook and onsite competition
• 2,500 people liking, sharing or commenting across social channels in 1 month alone.
• 25% open rates on average on all email communications
• 7,733 twitter followers


It’s just a fact: eCommerce is competitive and fast-moving.

Trying to cut through the noise online is difficult for all new brands, especially in the worlds of jewellery and fashion. The sums spent on digital marketing by the market leaders stand testament to this.

Sacet – a new ethical jewellery brand – were struggling with just that. Striking a balance between being a jewellery brand and being an ethical, conscious brand. Without slipping into reductive and outdated definitions of ethical… No hippy stereotypes. No hemp.

Terrier were brought in to increase awareness about the brand as efficiently as possible.


The rise of the fashion and lifestyle influencer is no secret. Bloggers, vloggers and Instagrammers alike are all well-versed in gifting, reviewing and the pursuit of paid opportunities.
More and more influencers are turning their backs on ‘fast fashion’, focusing instead of sustainability, slow fashion and mindful consumerism.

With this in mind, Terrier set out researching and building targeted waves to contact.

The response was excellent. Across every platform, influencers were keen to involve themselves with Sacet and bring the brand to their audiences’ attentions.


40+ pieces of blog content

35+ pieces of YouTube content

35,000 views of vlogger activity (estimated cost per view of £0.02)

2,100 referrals from bloggers (estimated cost per visit of £0.38)

54% increase in direct visitors to the site

45% increase in organic traffic

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