Sons: Making a product launch count


Sons is an exciting new brand addressing problems in men’s health that aren’t spoken about, including male hair loss. They had a great product – a tailored monthly treatment package of hair loss products deliver discreetly to your door. However, they didn’t know how to make their product have an impact in their field and be seen by their target audience.


In order to reach Sons’ target audience, we conducted a full-scale outreach project across platforms – contacting men aged between 25-35 from a number of backgrounds and lifestyles. We offered a free Sons shampoo in return for influencer promotion to create brand loyalty and raise awareness of the brand amongst consumers.


Our outreach project proved succesful amongst Sons’ target audience, helping the brand to get the awareness it deserved following its product launch.

A total of 98 influencers have agreed so far: 84 Instragam users, 12 Bloggers and 2 Youtubers.

The brand has a potential audience of 549,551 unique followers that continues to grow.

We estimate that the brand has been seen by 102,944 users.

There has been an engagement of 3451 comments and likes.


Paladone is the biggest brand nobody had heard of (until recently). The brand began life back in 1994 and has grown into the UK’s premier innovative, trend-based gift & merchandise company. They create some of the best gifts on the market but they struggled with advocacy, especially amongst target B2C audiences. The problem lay largely with lack of visibility the brand had on platforms such as Instagram and YouTube. Put simply: The brand had a lot of fans, they just didn’t know it yet.


We conducted a mass scale outreach project to raise awareness of the brand across Instagram contacting thousands of influencers. Every content creator we contacted was specifically chosen with one of the brand’s core audience profiles in mind. This was a collaborative process between us and the internal marketing team. We then created a timeline of specific pushes for select products – mini-campaigns within themselves, as such. This tailored approach allowed the brand to rapidly build up authentic brand awareness and advocacy. We are an SEO-first agency, so the added bonus of a growing natural, trustworthy backlink profile – both follow and nofollow – was not by chance. The mix of Instagram social signalling and link building balanced each other out.


The goal of the project was brand awareness and we built this with an enormous number of highly-relevant people who otherwise may not have known about Paladone. A high percentage of influencers had seen, bought or gifted products from Paladone without realising it.

Here’s a breakdown of the numbers:

Total Instagram stories live: 735
Instagram audience reached: 863k
Total Instagram audience(s): 3.52m

Total Instagram posts live: 200+
Active engagements: 46.5k

Total blog collaborations: 10
Blog views reached: 28.2k

Total influencer collaborations: 249


Trunki is a popular brand that deserved to have that reflected with their target audience. However, when we began working with them, their visibility on Instagram and YouTube was too low and their was no blog content from clients linking back to the site. 


We launched a full-scale outreach project across Instagram and YouTube, as well as with bloggers. We focused in on Trunki’s main product (the Trunki itself) to get the ball rolling. Following on from some strong content collaborations with successful influencers and bloggers, we created additional outreach around other products. This also enabled us to build relationships for the circulation of vouchers, news, discounts and promotions.


We saw some incredible numbers from our outreach projects, improving Trunki’s advocacy with their target audience:

Instagram influencers: 77
Total Instagram audience reached: 980k
Total Instagram engagements: 17.5k

Bloggers: 22
Total blog views reached: 63k

YouTube influencers: 6
Total YouTube views reached: 3.5k

Total influencers worked with: 142


Trunki’s site was in need of attention. Traffic to the site had stagnated (especially from organic sources) rankings were dwindling and the brand was relying on paid searches, which was burning up valuable spend for the business. The trouble lay with their content and optimisation – in lots of areas this was lacking and in others there were duplication issues.


We hit the ground running with content. We created category texts, integrated the blog onto the site (which was previously on a separate domain) and rewrote all the duplicate content to be completely unique. We also reworked a large amount of the keyword mapping to make sure that there was a better response to valuable search terms. As a leading recruitment agency, Cobalt constantly connect with potential employees and recruiting employers alike. However, the Cobalt site’s conversation rate was poor and had the potential to be far stronger. In addition, the site suffered from a low rate of organic users entering the site from any page other than the homepage. The bounce and exit rates (from organic search) were correspondingly high.


The content and optimisation of the site brought it in-line with best practice, improving its structure, size and organisation.

  • Strong organic search listings for product-based terms (luggage, suitcases and backpacks being especially popular) 
  • The monthly traffic is up by 15% year-on-year 
  • Paid search traffic is down 40% year-on-year with much less budget going into this area


Digital advertising is defined by its multiplicity. Whether you’re an established brand or a start-up, the number of different routes you can take in digitally promoting your brand is (almost) endless.

Well, most of the time.

Liquid Ice approached us to help launch and promote their brand new e-liquid and vaping hardware store. Launching a new ecommerce website in an area where all forms of online advertising are off-limits – such as e-cigarettes and vaping – is an incredibly difficult task.

No social ads. No PPC. No TrueView. No display ads.


Terrier set out drawing up a large scale, multi-channel outreach project. We specifically targeted the hundreds of micro-influencers in the European vaping community. In exchange for reviewing and posting content, influencers were able to sample the Liquid Ice range.

TFrom the off, we were keen to build an attribution model for every aspect of our outreach.

Every IG feed like and comment.
Every IG story.
Every view on YouTube.
Every blog post read.

To do this, we worked out our product cost (incl. P&P) and divided this by whatever our reach metric was. We worked out the monetary value depending on the specific format of each platform:

Instagram: PRICE (Product cost + P&P) / LIKES (Total IG likes on all posts by influencer)
YouTube: PRICE (Product cost + P&P) / VIEWS (Total YT views one each video by vlogger)
Blogs: PRICE (Product cost + P&P) / TRAFFIC (Total traffic on blog site over a month)

In regards to the blogs, we use a digital tool called SEMRush to estimate the amount of traffic that sees the product on the site over a month.



Our directed activity on this platform is cheaper and more effective than any other method. We estimate that our activity will have a reach of over 800,000 people. Using conservative conversion rates, we estimate that this reach will guarantee a recall of over 100,000 users, and garner a direct engagement of 53,000 users.

Put simply, Instagram ads are too expensive and time-consuming, in light of these results.


Our activity with bloggers has a dual-effect: it reaches potential customers and improves the Liquid Ice site. We reached over 100,000 users through blog reviews, and at the same time gained trusted links to the Liquid Ice, improving its link profile and authority.


Our activity with the e-liquid vlog community gained 5,000 views of videos purely reviewing our products.

They also provide vital no-follow links which balance the link profile of the site. This helps the strength of the Liquid Ice site to look natural and be respected by Google.

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