Copywriting is the act of writing text, of any kind, for usage in advertising and other types of marketing. It can range from the text on large OOH advertisements to blog articles online.

Our Approach:

At Terrier, we can produce high-quality copy in-house for a wide range of purposes and platforms. Content is a cornerstone in digital marketing and brands, more than ever, need to find new and unique ways to communicate with their audiences. Before we get to writing, we get to know our clients’ needs – brand values, what you’re offering, your products, your ethos, image – and find the right tone of voice. A phone call, a meeting, a workshop – we need to know why your brand is just that, yours.

As we create copy in-house, we understand the ever-changing role text plays in digital advertising. Good modern copy should be able to re-position itself in different settings without losing its effectiveness.

What’s Next for Copywriting:

Copywriting will be as important as it is today in the future. Due to the increasing value of video-based content in organic search rankings, we see an increasing demand for copy that combines and responds with video. In tandem with this, successful copywriting of the future’s strength will lie in its conciseness. That’s not to say blunt, however. Concentrated. Copy that makes maximum impact in a world of ever-shortening attention spans.

Terrier’s in-house copywriters want to communicate with audiences in the voice they respond to. Copy that moves your brand forward faster.