Elevate Your Online Store: E-Commerce SEO Tips for Success

Building a popular online store is a challenging prospect at first and can be seen as a difficult task to navigate when many other companies are hosting similar stores. How do you make your online store the best around so it differentiates itself from the crowd?

Terrier Agency wants to provide some advice on the best ways to present your online store so your website stands the best chance of becoming successful, no matter what industry your business is in.


Promoting Your Online Store

Your potential customers must know that you have an online store in the first place. Otherwise, your time and efforts in creating your platform could be wasted. So how do you disperse the availability of your online store? This can be done in a few ways but takes a little bit of patience and monitoring data via SEO.

For example, you should inspect the keywords that people search when seeking one of your products or services. By using the keywords in the online store description of your products, you can boost its visibility on search engines. Perhaps unsurprisingly,  the fewer words you have on your product page, the less likely it is to match any searches people make and your sales could suffer. There are so many SEO tools you can use to highlight which words were searched online which will no doubt help you create a more useful platform.

Not only this, but if you have an online store you should include images of the products or services you’ll be providing; this will put your company in the search pool online and redirect them to your website if they see that the image they’ve found suits their needs. Using the clearest and most optimised images in terms of quality and size will make sure the viewer isn’t frustrated to the point where they go elsewhere. Several pictures of the product from all angles are required but make sure that they are too large so they don’t take too long to load on slow connections and not too small so they won’t be blurry.


Structuring Your Online Store

Although it might seem inconsequential to those not too familiar with SEO techniques, having a shorter URL might help with your search results and be more aesthetically pleaing. If you have sub-categories that have a URL containing lots of numbers and nothing about the page itself, it won’t be as easy to find online.

Displaying all the information that customers want to see to compare products is crucial too; aspects like pricing, delivery, and customer reviews or ratings enhance the shopping experience your customers will get and make it a more straightforward process that they can trust.

In today’s world, people shop on the go so you need to make sure your online store is as accessible on a mobile device as it is on a desktop computer. Your online store needs to be reconfigured for mobile access without sacrificing any of the crucial information.

We understand that two products might be incredibly similar other than the most minor detail, but you need to make sure that a new description is created for each product. Search engines will recognise any replications and view the page as less of a priority in their rankings because of this. We would also encourage you to link any of the products listed on your online store on future blogs your company posts to boost its online ranking – this works similarly to link building from other websites too.

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