Email Marketing


In basic terms, email marketing is every email sent to current or prospective customers. These emails are often used to promote products, send advertisements, highlight offers or sales. As a marketing technique, it aims to build loyalty and trust in a brand whilst increasing awareness.

Our Approach

At Terrier, we create, produce and manage complete email marketing services for our clients. Over time, we have refined our approach, blending strategy, implementation and analysis. We aim to help our clients maximise engagement with their brand whilst also bringing in strong returns.

We begin the process by focusing, then segmenting, our clients’ mailing lists into targeted groups. Segmentation is a common process in email marketing, as it gets results. Understanding audience demographics is vital to producing relevant email marketing campaigns – better open rates, better click rates, increased engagement.

Every aspect of our email marketing campaigns is A/B tested: call to actions, body texts, subject texts, images, offers, merge tags. We begin by testing small batches, before moving on to larger sample sizes. We only ever test one variable at a time and always test different samples simultaneously, to remove time-based factors from our observations. We then utilise this empirical data to tailor each email marketing campaign individually. Constant revision, regular improvement, dedicated tweeking – the fundamental principles for great digital strategy.
What’s Next for Email Marketing

Email marketing has consistently been one of the premier tools for getting a ROI for brands over the last decade and we don’t see that ending anytime soon. It will only become more cost effective as a channel in the coming years with the increased volume of email platforms available.

Email will be combined with social to communicate the same message on a weekly basis a brand’s audiences. Retargeting through email marketing will allow brands to show relevant content to users depending on their engagement with the weekly newsletter.