Facebook: Best practice guide for brands

As Facebook is the largest social network on the planet, there are massive marketing opportunities for your brand. These days, it (really) should be common sense to have a company page on Facebook, if you want to increase your reach, promote your business and drive traffic to your website. In this post, we are going to share with you four best practices to ensure your brand is successful on Facebook.

Have a posting strategy

Before you even start promoting your brand on Facebook, you should have a posting strategy in place. This involves figuring out what kind of tone and identity you’d like your page to have, how frequently you’re going to post, and determining which content gets the best traction from customers and fans. The key thing to remember is that your posts should read like a quick conversation, and maintain the theme of your brand.  You should also promote your blog content across Facebook, as his is an excellent way of increasing brand awareness. Also, it’s important that you schedule your posts ahead of time. You should have 30 days of social media posts lined up, as this allows you to be more reactive when new content or latest news comes your way.

Know your target audience

It’s important that you know the right people to target. To do this, you need to figure out who needs the product or service that you offer and choose specific demographics, like age, gender, and location. Also, make sure you look at your current customer base and identify common interests and characteristics.

Use Facebook videos

Videos on Facebook have surged in popularity over the past few years. Facebook’s auto-play feature makes the videos much more eye-catching than regular posts. So, it’s no surprise then that Facebook videos earn 135% more reach than posts with an image. Also, you should include subtitles to keep the viewer’s attention and due to the fact that many people watch videos without sound. Keep videos simple and accessible, and don’t make them any longer than they need to be.

Highlight & engage with customers

The whole point of social media is to communicate, so always respond to people that reach out to your brand. 89% of social messages are ignored by brands, so by writing a short reply, you’re setting yourselves apart from the brands who don’t respond. Ignoring communication opportunities can lead to customers going to a competitor, and it can kill your social media traffic.

Run Regular Competitions

Weekly competitions is a great way to offer your customers rewards for engaging with your brand. You must plan out your competition by choosing a prize and an entry method. The easiest way to get users to enter is by asking for their email address. Make your contest page has an attention-grabbing title, and that your submission form is clear and concise. Remember to promote your contest by sharing it on social media and emailing your customers. Also, it’s important you stay in tune with Facebook’s rules. For example, you can’t use personal connections to promote your competition, or asking people to tag their friends to enter. Not abiding by these rules can get your contest page banned.

Run Facebook Ads

Running Facebook ads is a great way to grow your audience. You can create custom and lookalike ad campaigns, so you can reach people, based on who are most likely to enjoy your posts. Also, you can retarget website visitors. When someone visits a page, you can retarget these people with relevant ads. In your Facebook ads manager, you’ll be able to create a personalized custom audience.

There you have it, four quick tips to help you utilize Facebook to grow your band and achieve your goals.

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