Floor It: How brands can gain rankings when others take their foot off the pedal

If you’re a smaller brand mucking it up with the big businesses in your industry, there’s no time for idleness. With huge budgets and masses of staff, it can sometimes feel like a near impossible task to catch up with the big boys. Well, we’re happy to tell you that that’s a load of nonsense. If you’ve got the tenacity and drive to push forward while other brands are resting on their laurels, your brand has a fantastic opportunity to take advantage of their complacency. Here’s a few ways we’ve come up with to gain rankings when others take their foot off the pedal.

Clean up your content

One of our favourite ways to get brands ahead of the competition is to give the content on-site a spring clean. This is an endless game and one that many of your competitors will fail to capitalise on. A consistent stream of blogs, FAQs and other forms of content is essential for smaller brands. Also, have a monthly look through your category text and product descriptions and give the text a refresh – this includes developing new keywords and ensuring Google recognises that squeaky clean content. The more consistently you update your text, the more you’ll climb those rankings.

Find keywords others are ignoring

When you’re conducting your keyword research, it might feel counterintuitive to look for words with less organic search results. Fight that feeling and go for them – casting a net over those fewer searches can bring in more customers than battling it out with the big boys for the most popular words. The less competitive the words (due to smaller levels of content and links from the bigger brands) the more chance you have of picking up some new customers. This is a great opportunity for smaller brands to catch-up with larger ones and overtake them for relevant terms in organic search.

Find micro-influencers

While other brands might be splashing the cash on the biggest influencers going, we think there’s a smarter way to play the game. Focusing on smaller, relevant influencers with higher levels of engagement is much more fruitful than chasing follower counts. Create a list of micro-influencers and get in touch with them in regards to promoting your product. Your link profile will be improved hugely due to the amount of influencers pushing your brand, especially when compared to going for bigger accounts. Ultimately, this method is cheaper, more efficient and more rewarding. 

Keep building links into your ‘web’-site

With the relentless productivity of a hungry spider, your website should be built like an inter-linking web. When writing your content, referencing and directly linking pages on your own site is hugely beneficial for your profile. This is especially true for smaller brands, who can make up space on those juggernauts too complacent with their links. While we’re at it, why not have a read through our other blogs?

Climbing up the rankings can feel like a race without a finish line, but if your competitors get complacent, you have to be ready to overtake them. To put it simply – when others are slowing down, you need to put your foot to the floor.

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