Getting Personal: Interactive ads become even more individual

Brands have long looked to please loyal followers, and entice new business, by adding a personalised touch to their ad campaigns. Whether through splashing the names of consumers across Coke cans, or starting social media conversations with followers, the element of real human interaction and direct engagement with consumers evokes strong feelings of respect and loyalty.

But now interactive ads are getting even more personal, giving users the opportunity to star in their very own personalised ads.

The Fisherman’s Friend has been making waves in the ad world recently having launched the first ever interactive Twitter video. Their Never be Without a Friend campaign sees the lozenges company take your Twitter profile, including your photos, and import them into the ad. You can watch as the fisherman scrolls through your very own Twitter feed and watch him gaze at photos of you pinned to the wall of his boat. And afterwards he continues to engage with you, tweeting from his individual profile about how much you were missed on the boat today etc. This is revolutionary in that the brand is really taking you on this journey in an immersive, highly personalised way. In making you an integral part of the narrative, you are directly engaging with the brand through a viewing experience like no other.

So as the technology develops, what could the future hold for savvy advertisers, keen to take advantage of the raft of eager starlets waiting in the wings for their starring role?

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