Key ways rugby clubs can boost their ticket sales using core marketing tools

Increasing season tickets is a challenge for any rugby club. It’s important for any team regardless of the sport, to boost sales so they can invest in new facilities, attract more players and continue to grow as a club.

Because rugby and other sports get so much live coverage, it can be difficult to entice fans to buy tickets. Considering how easy it is for people to stream live games and the fact that Premiership rugby matches will now be shown on Channel 5, rugby clubs must improve their digital marketing strategy. Read on to find out how you can upsurge your season ticket sales in three simple steps.

Google Remarketing Tag

Gone are the days when you had to manually add tags to every page of your site to remarket to visitors. Now with Google’s improved remarketing tag, you can place one tag across all the pages on your site and immediately launch a remarketing campaign in Google AdWords. To show ads to people who have already viewed your site, you need to add Google’s tag. It’s a core part of digital marketing and a global standard.

As the majority of visitors on your rugby site will be fans of the club (hopefully), they’ll be very interested in your remarketed content. From videos to blog posts, you can retarget visitors with a range of content. They will see the content when they browse the web, use social networks and watch videos. Remarketing is an effective way of drawing visitors back to your site so they convert. In other words, ensuring they buy a season ticket.

Email segmentation

Segmenting your emails can lead to better click-through rates, which can help improve your ticket sales. By narrowing your focus and targeting specific groups of emails, your recipients will find your campaign more relevant.

For example, you could segment your emails by past season ticket purchases. Then you can send out relevant recommendations of similar items and accessories that they might be interested in. Or, if a customer chose not to renew their season ticket subscription, you can send out targeted emails to tempt these people back. Also, you could send personal emails to people who purchased a ticket to a rugby match in the past, and promote the benefits of having a full season ticket. There are plenty of ways to segment emails for the best results.

Digital Platforms

An effective way to drive more sales for your club is by retargeting engagement on digital platforms. For example, Facebook lets you retarget people who have liked, commented on a post, visited your page, shared a post or engaged with an ad. This is a great way of capturing an audience of fans who are already engaged with your club.

You can do a similar form of retargeting on Twitter. You can target users with ads who have engaged with your club’s tweets and watched your videos. The key benefit is reaching users who are already heavily engaged and familiar with the club. It’s important to spend your budget wisely and only target people with relevant information.

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