Keys ways to digitalise the workplace to create a more agile business

It’s important that you digitalise and don’t let your business fall behind. In the modern world, your company needs to get rid of the paperwork and create an agile, digitally-driven workplace. We live in an age where efficiency is imperative to success, so every organisation needs to offer an instantaneous service. Read on and learn how you can make a digital transformation.

Google Sheets 

Storing information on Google sheets and docs is the easiest way to digitalise your data, as it won’t be stored on your own server. The good thing about this service is that anyone with access can co-create, edit and manage the document, with everyone’s being saved automatically. Don’t worry, everyone’s revisions are tracked and the Google Sheet can be reverted back to any previous stage at any time. There are huge benefits for business of all sizes when using Google Sheets because it allows for greater efficiency, collaboration, and increased agility.


There are many key advantages of using Dropbox and that’s why it’s so popular. Anything you save in DropBox can be shared with other users and even to people who don’t have a DropBox account. So, there’s no need to use tools like WeTransfer or WTP to send big files. It’s also a convenient way to back up all your files quickly and easily on a secure server. You can access any file on any device, even when offline.

Digital HR

A digitalized human resources department is important for a truly agile business. You can use apps like BreathHR to keep all your employee information in one place. You’ll be able to streamline your work flow and organise your company reports and documents. The app gives you access to a performance hub where you’ll be able to set 0bjectives and company goals. Your information is in the cloud, so you can access it anywhere.

Communication Tools

Finally, if you want to a cultivate a digital workplace, you’ll need to enable team collaboration in and outside of the office. That’s why collaboration and communication tools like Slack come in handy because it allows employees to work from home and still exchange ideas. The Slack app lets you send direct messages and files to a group of employees or a single person, from any location. It also supports Video Calling and can be used with Google Drive and DropBox.

Digital transforms your company into a single, unified business by creating instant connectivity wherever you are in the world.

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