Lights, Camera, Action: How to use Facebook Live to grow your brand and generate advocacy

Since its launch in 2016, Facebook Live has become a big player in the streaming world. Video content is now a core part of the platform, but the majority of brands are not yet making the most of it. Facebook Live is incredibly easy to use. You click on the live video option in the box for writing statuses, write a description and tap ‘Go Live'. It’s that simple. The next logical question then: How do I utilise Facebook Live most effectively? Below, we’ve outlined the top ways you can use this on-the-go streaming platform to grow your brand.

Highlighting your products

Have you ever thought about getting one of your employees to show how your products are made? This is an excellent way to engage your audience and show the ‘reality’ of your business. At the same time, you’ll be promoting your products to viewers and attracting new customers. If successful, you could make it a series. Every month, you could bring attention to a new product or give early access to one in development. Highlighting your products in a Facebook Live video shows your brand is driven, honest and forward-facing.

Answer FAQs

Live video is a great way to enhance your customer service. It’s important to respond to your customer’s questions, but responding to every query can eat up a lot of time. This is where live video can come in handy. If there’s a question your customer service team gets asked time and time again, you can have a Facebook live video to answer it. When you’re finished, you’ll have a piece of content that customers can check when they have a question. Also, the video will get people curious and engagement levels will increase. It will always be relevant, as its content that is genuinely helpful to your audience.

Hosting informational sessions

Facebook Live should be considered an exercise in adding additional value to your customers. Creating instructional videos is an easy way to show your expertise and give out information – demonstrating various uses for your cookery product, for example. Also, Facebook Live can be a great way of offering valuable insights to your audience. If you’re a tech company, let’s say, you could use Facebook Live to broadcast updates on the latest trends in the industry and things to watch out for. If you’re a recruitment company, you could give out job tips to your audience or let people know about any openings.

Stream an interview

Bringing a guest speaker onto a live video creates valuable information for your audience. You can interview an industry insider or an employee and ask for their perspectives on different topics in your sector. If you host regular interviews, you’ll increase your brand’s reputation and attract more advocates. Interviews also offer a great avenue into building influential brand partnerships – so think about working with mutually-beneficial brands.

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