Multiple locations? Create a Facebook global channel

Facebook global pages allows advertisers to provide localised content for their audience based on the user’s country or region. It’s an important feature and has many benefits for businesses with multiple locations, helping to deliver relevant messages to customers all over the world. Below, we discuss the key benefits of a Facebook Global Page and how to get started on creating your own.

Unified Facebook Presence

Your brand will be able to establish a global identity with a Facebook Global Page. It combines “Likes” from all your pages and helps maintain a consistent brand image across the world. To set up a page, you must first create a main page in the Global Pages tab under “Settings”, and set the targeting preferences, including which countries you want mapped to that page. Then, create additional pages for local markets where necessary. With the new structure in place, brands can set up localised versions of “about” info, news, feed stories and profile photos, so the right information reaches the right audience.

Single URL

Brands with a Global Page will be able to promote a single URL across all of their Facebook marketing campaigns. This means you won’t have to promote a different URL for each page. When a user clicks on the link, they will automatically be redirected to the relevant page based on their location. Users won’t notice a difference, but it ensures for a more positive experience, as they’ll be accessing their regional page.

Global Insights Dashboard

Admins of the main global page will have access to an insights dashboard for all the different localised pages. You’ll have all the information in one place, rather than having to check the Facebook Insights for multiple pages. In the global insights dashboard, you can track performance based on the market and measure audiences based on their country. So, you’ll have better analytics and benchmarking.

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