Online PR

Online PR is one of the most cost effective branches of the digital marketing tree. It is an effective way in which to broaden your digital presence and to garner further attention towards your business. Terrier’s approach to online PR can help your brand reach a wider audience and yet remain specific to your services and/or products. There is also a common opinion that there is a strong overlap between SEO and online PR so they are naturally competing, but we can make sure that they can work hand in hand to get the best of both worlds.

What is Online PR?

Online PR’s primary function is to help grant your brand access across a number of digital platforms, to ultimately help reach your target audience through a number of different mediums. This can then help provide reasonable exposure and can also lead to other positives such as five star reviews on google. A useful link building tactic, online PR can help boost your site authority with high quality links. 

A trend that is becoming more and more common is ditching more traditional PR to focus on the benefits of online or digital PR. With a bigger shift in digital media rather than traditional, it makes sense that online PR will have a similar shift, seeing this shift as more of an evolution.

The rise in Online PR popularity

With the rise in popularity of social media and more digitally focused outlets, it is only natural for PR and marketing to follow a similar pattern, especially with the nature of marketing as a whole. Once your brand is well established and has a good digital presence, it will be being advertised and promoted all day every day on the internet. 

There are only plus sides to this as if you are collaborating with an influencer and they are posting about your brand, as long as that post is still live, it will be seen by a multitude of people without you lifting a finger following the initial work with the influencer. 

The success of social media in the past few years means that online PR focus has been able to tag along and follow along with its popularity and success.

Establish Loyal customers

There is a flip side to the fickle nature of social media, as influencers followers can be incredibly loyal. This is the dream scenario for a brand wanting to gain significant organic traffic as well as improve their sales of their products or services.

Rapid rise

There are certain instances of online PR working beyond its means and highlighting just how endless the possibilities are when used correctly with a little luck thrown in too. Sometimes, the popularity of a product can spike dramatically even overnight when promoted by the right influencer and targeted to the right audience.


In conclusion, online PR has come a long way in a relatively short space of time. With the trend seemingly showing that it is becoming a more popular marketing tool for most brands due to its cost effectiveness as well as fast results, it is no surprise that it is a go to tool for new brands and startups looking to get a start on effectively promoting their products or services.

With Terrier’s approach to online PR, we look at it as an opportunity to work in tandem with the core SEO practices that we believe are just as useful. This helps us cover more bases for our clients to ensure that their brand is reaching as many people as possible for the best results.

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