As much as we may like to think we vote for a specific candidate in politics, the reality is we buy into their whole package. Voting is more often that not the outcome of a targeted, optimised campaign.

Here at Terrier, we have tailored digital solutions specifically for the political sector. All our political projects can be broken down into three key ideas: Visibility, Accessibility, Activity.


Our primary concern is to make sure our client is digitally visible. Put simply, this just means making sure we’re ticking every box.

The starting point is always the site. We design and implement simple, clean web builds that are easily updatable with blog articles, video content and social media feeds. Whether local, national or international – all politicians want to look busy. Streams of topical, ‘real’ content will always top static biography pages and out-dated opinion pieces.

Outside the site, we set up our clients’ with strong presences across all the key platforms: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, email marketing, etc. Keeping the branding/appearance uniform is key.


Voters want to feel that their politicians are accessible. They want to know that, if necessary, they can voice their ideas and grievances with them as quickly and directly as possible. Simple, visible contact forms and widgets are essential.

All our web builds are structured into various, thematic sections. Users are presented with various feeds centred around specific areas. In addition, all the content across the site is tagged up and searchable – allowing the site to function as if it were a news portal (of sorts).

In the era of ‘fake news’ and GDPR, it’s vital that politicians are transparent – especially with regards to their digital presence. We make sure to tick every box when it comes to data protection and privacy policy. Same goes for social media channels – getting them up to best practice is vital.


It’s been alluded to above, but activity is key for the political sector. We aim to simplify the content creation process as much as possible for our clients.

Getting all our client’s platforms in line with one another is important, especially with regards to raising awareness about an individual or group’s candidacy or project. We create uniform branding for all their content branding – they need to be recognisable online.

Video is at the heart of everything we do at Terier. For example, all our YouTube videos are up to best practice – complete with closed captions and annotated end cards.

Identifying the right audiences for our clients is key. We build an understanding of the different demographics we want to communicate with before pushing TrueView InStream Ads, Facebook ads and PPC campaigns to them.