The Problem

Taste Inc. was struggling to maintain the sales required to stay on trial in Morrisons.

The solution

Put a 1km radius around all 281 Morrisons stores where the product is on trial across Facebook and AdWords. We then focused this radius targeting with further options, guaranteeing that the ads weren’t shown to irrelevant people (ex. vegetarians).

In short: Only potential customers living in those areas were targeted.

We then targeted users across both channels with a series of fun animations - each individually focused on the brand’s core USPs - to increase brand awareness of the product. Users who engaged with the first creative were retargeted with a second creative highlighting a different product USP, the second creative with the third, etc. until users had seen the 5 different animations.

Finally, we ran a competition to giveaway 1,000 products which we could promote across our video ads as a call-to-actions.

The Results

• We had over 1.38 million views of all the animations on YouTube at an average of 1p per view.
• 490,000 views of at least 10 seconds were achieved on Facebook.
• 4.4 million users saw at least 5 seconds of the animations.
• 16,500 people entered out 1,000 product giveaway competition.