Press Play: Retargeting engaged video with multiple video creatives

If you want to produce better results in your advertising strategy, retargeting people who watch your ad videos can drastically increase your conversion rates. This is because you only retarget people who have shown an interest in your brand by fully viewing your first video. This type of retargeting is incredibly efficient - however, to realise it to its full potential, strong video creatives are a must.

With multiple creatives, you can then retarget users who view the 1st creative with the 2nd, 2nd with 3rd, so on and so forth. Your strongest piece of content should be the one that you promote to prospective customers.

Say you are a company that makes chocolate bars. You could target your advert to only show them to people who live in a 1km radius of shops that sell the bars. You can track the people who view this content, rather than skip it, and retarget them with a series of further ads, limiting a lot of your ad spending to people who have already shown some interest in your product. The benefits? Read on:

Responsive shuffling

In your retargeting campaign, you can shuffle your ads to find the order in which they are the most impactful. For example, you might notice a decline in engaged viewers for your Fairtrade ad, but your ad about giving profits to charity has a much higher level of engagement. You can change the order in which your ads are shown to your target audience. If the profits ad is the most successful, it can be shown before the Fairtrade ad to ensure you have the maximum number of people to retarget.

You can also use this data when launching your next campaign. If the profits ad is the most successful, it may well be worth using it as the first ad that you show to people.

Individual USPs

Multiple creatives allow you to advertise the individual unique selling points (USPs) of your brand. For example, your chocolate bar might be Fairtrade. This could form the content for one video. Your company gives 5% of its profits to charity. This could form another video. You get the idea…

Retargeting with individual USPs is much more effective than creating one piece of content. If all your USPs are in one video, it is likely to be too content heavy and will not really register with the viewer. Retargeting enables you to establish multiple USPs that will help users to know the identity and ethos of your brand and will, eventually, encourage them to buy into your brand.

Increases recall

To achieve your marketing goals, you need your customers to confidently recall your brand after they see your creative. Retargeting users with multiple ads can increase brand recall because you’ll be showing people different creatives at one time, rather than within the same ad.

Avoid inattentional blindness

Retargeting avoids inattentional blindness – when we fail to see objects outside the primary focus of our attention. In the online advertising world, this problem can occur when you show the same creatives multiple times. The overexposure can cause consumers to stop paying attention because the ad no longer stands out to them.

In Google AdWords, you can cap the number of times your ads appear to the same person. This ensures users get shown different creatives, so they do not succumb to inattentional blindness. With multiple pieces of content, you will always be showing people fresh video where they – hopefully – already recognise you brand. The creative is simply showcasing a different angle/idea/USP.


Retargeting engaged video users is a very cost-effective method. After the initial video, you are only spending money on targeting people who have already shown an interest in your brand by watching the first video. This means that even if you show a creative to a small number of people, it’s more cost-effective than showing a creative to a larger, less relevant audience who are unlikely to convert and buy your chocolate bar.

When retargeting with multiple creatives, you can keep your brand in front of people who are familiar with your service. The true power of retargeting lies in the fact that it can be used to increase the in-store sales of your product. Using digital advertising does not limit people to converting online. It is equally, if not more, likely that they will buy your product in a shop. If a person has seen your multiple creatives, your product is going to stand out to them when they are shopping.

Creating multiple video ads can be a powerful way to make consumers aware of your brand and to encourage them to purchase your products.

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