Read All About It: Why writing blog articles for new users is more fruitful than internal news

Let’s be honest, that marathon your team ran was impressive, but your customers don’t care. Even though it’s nice to portray your brand as friendly, open and authentically as possible, the reality is that it’s not going to help you from an SEO perspective. We can’t emphasise enough how worthwhile it is to push content relating to keywords, internal links or related brand issues. Here’s a few reasons why blog articles blow internal news out of the park:

While news articles may be of interest to your employees, the actual benefit to your site is almost non-existent. From an SEO point of view, blog articles are one of the hallmarks of successful strategy. Delve headfirst into software such as SEMRush and find those big organic search results that bring in a load of new traffic to your site. Mould your blog articles around those commonly searched terms and questions and you can capture a large portion of the customers you were missing out on. Pushing your content to those who actually care is a big first step in the right direction and one which can have a dramatic impact on your site’s success. 

The ability to build a web of interconnecting links is another one of the big benefits that comes with blog articles. Keeping people on your site with internal links means you can cross-sell products they may be interested in. This also looks great in the eyes of Google and keeps your link profile looking spick and span. If you find a commonly searched term that you feel you can exploit with a well-crafted blog article, filling it with internal links only adds another layer of efficiency to the content. Would you get that with internal news? We don’t think so.

In contrast to internal news, blog articles are great for remarketing your content to recent visitors of your site. Whether you’re using Google AdWords or Facebook, fire it up and begin remarketing your content to customers who had their finger hovering over the ‘buy now’ button. This strategy is one of the biggest advantages of ditching those news articles – not only are you not boring your customers to tears, you’re also focusing on the right ones.

Even without all these incredibly important SEO benefits, the truth is that spending time writing internal news is pointless. Marketing to those customers you haven’t found yet is crucial if you’re looking to grow your brand. For instance, if you’re a vaping brand, reaching out to smokers looking to quit is much more useful than writing about your team’s trip to Thorpe Park. Blog articles will help you reach out and find those customers with relevant content. 

At the end of the day, we know that internal news pieces come from a good place. Unfortunately, in the ruthless world of the internet, they just don’t have the impact of blog articles. For the sake of your business, switch things up and watch your brand grow.

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