The rise of the Micro-Influencer

When we think of influencers, we immediately think of famous names with huge fan bases. But marketers looking to connect with social influencers as a means to promote a product or service, should recognise that partnering with influencers who have a modest following, can drive more effective results.

Marketers should look beyond the size of a following and instead focus on micro-influencers, who have a niche influence and an exclusive audience. Unlike celebrities and public figures, micro-influencers are regular people who typically have up to one hundred thousand followers. They share content about their interests. Their content can feel authentic and real, and they often have better levels of engagement than macro-influencers.

The value of micro influencers can’t be understated. Their importance lies within how brands can partner with them so they can connect to a smaller, but far more engaged audience. This allows brands to reach people who are actually interested in their product or service. In that respect, celebrities and micro influencers are very different. An influencer has built an audience of people that are interested in them as a person, but they also trust their recommendations. On the other hand, people typically follow macro-influencers because they are a fan and don’t care as much about products they promote.

Out of all the industries, the fashion industry is most driven by influencer-marketing. Social media, particularly Instagram, has paved the way for an exciting level of transparency for the fashion industry. Fashion influencers are influencing what consumers choose to buy, so marketers can work with influencers to raise brand awareness and bring attention to their products. Fashion influencers like Sophie Hannah Richardson and The Lipstick Fever are great examples of individuals who have who have built up strong followings.

We could see a future where micro influencers hold more power than advertisements. 92% of customers make purchases based on recommendations from their trusted, immediate networks. Those who follow influencers have established a connection with them and in their eyes, they are more genuine and trustworthy. With the rise of micro influencers, they could be key tools for brands aiming to sway consumer behaviour.

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