The rise of shoppable video content

The new trend of shoppable content is quickly taking over e-commerce, as brands look to deliver a direct, instant sale. In today’s digital age, more and more brands are reducing the number of steps that customers need to take to make a purchase. Shoppable content is any type of content that allows customers to make a purchase from what they are viewing. The importance of interactive content and the need for higher click-through-rates, has led to the introduction of these new ads.

The most effective way that shoppable content can be used is on video. For years, video has been the most valuable form of content and these on-demand ads have only strengthened video’s positions as the future of digital. It is the best way for brands to convey their vision and message. In recent times, brands are using these new ads on their videos to close the gap between inspiration and purchasing.

Traditional content is no longer enough. Many customers want to be entertained before they make a purchase, which is why shoppable video content can be so effective. Brands like Marks and Spencer are creating videos where customers can click on the screen and purchase the product immediately. Creating memorable content is now more important than ever and key to ensuring customers return to your site. So, shoppable video content is a great way for retailers to boost the number of repeat visits to their site.

With the help of new apps and technology, social media platforms are also being seen as an opportunity to push sales. Digital marketing company, Mik Mak are launching a new product called Attach that connects retailer’s video ads with links to their e-commerce sites. How this work is that brands can run ads on Snapchat that lets customers “swipe up” on the screen to see more content, which prompts viewers to make a purchase. And on Instagram, brands can create video posts that customers can tap on to see more information about a product.

With video content having established itself as the most effective way of engaging a consumer, making these videos shoppable was always going to be the next step. As digital platforms grow, so will shoppable content and the ability to create a unique customer experience.

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