The first thing we will do is to conduct a survey of you versus your competitors’ online and social presences. This approach allows us to gauge where you are in relation to them and where the gains can be made. This is related to your website’s content, structure and authority, your social media profiles and engagement or your video content.

From the outset, we try to not simply improve your digital presence in organic rankings. We understand the importance of ranking for local terms for firms, so optimising Google My Business is key. We always keep the ultimate goal of increasing your firm’s client base at the heart of everything we do. Attribution models are key to this and can be used to work out what a visitor to your firm’s site, e.g. what a newsletter signup, call or an enquiry is actually worth to you. Knowing this allows accurate marketing budgets to be set and gives us a real set of data against which we can assess our activity.

Strong blog content is key for attracting visitors to any site. The copywriters at Terrier prioritise creating content that is enjoyable to read and resonates with your audience.

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Part of our work will involve running through every page on your firms website. We will evaluate whether the pages are in the right place on your site, ensuring the optimal user experience and search engine ranking are as relevant as possible for each individual page.

For those pages that are comparatively low on text and information, we gradually bring them up to the mark through various iterations rather than doing it in one update. This method has the advantage of making Google regularly recrawl the site – boosting search engine rankings.

The average user spends 88% longer on pages with video content. Creating cost-effective animations is a great option for legal businesses looking to diversify their content output. This combined with the fact that you are 52 times more likely to appear in the top 10 of organic search listings with video and text, rather than just text, makes video an extremely appealing option for all firms. Voiceover recording can be done by your heads of departments to keep the cost down with the additional value of showcasing your firm’s identity and lending a personal touch to the service you offer.

We have the ability to retarget users who visit your website. This is a highly effective form of advertising as it targets people who have already shown an interest in your site, making the campaign more cost-effective. We will push ads only to people who have visited your site before, increasing their recall of your business and making them more likely to convert. Couple this with the dynamic video content and broad-interest, high-quality blog content with which we target them and your site’s traffic will rise.

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