At Terrier, we aim to create solutions that go the distance. Our team are well experienced in creating dynamic, multi-channel and engaging digital content. Our goal is to help our brands move forward faster.

Retargeting is a retail brand’s digital bread and butter. Retargeting helps convert people into buyers. Simply, retargeting works.

When users leave your site to surf the web, we retarget them with ads. We retarget them with a wide mix of content, as opposed to overly product/service heavy ‘sell, sell, sell’ content. We also set up Google Shopping feeds for our clients to get a better return on investment from AdWords.

In addition to retargeting, we run wide-scale blogger and vlogger outreach projects to increase referral traffic and help push our clients up in organic search through link-building. It’s one of the most effective ways to promote your website and improve its visibility. Connecting with the right influencers will get your brand front and centre in your prospective customers’ visions. We also set up trigger emails for users who leave the site without converting.

Radius targeting is key for retail brands’ looking to set themselves apart in the digital space. Whether it’s a business, retail location or a neighbourhood, we guarantee that the right ads reach the right people.

Furthermore, we monitor our brand’s online reputation and advocacy. We submit our clients’ websites to review sites to increase the number of customer reviews. It encourages trust and it can help your overall search engine ranking. We make sure your website is well optimised, so you can gain new audiences organically. We also tailor UX solutions for brands’ with problematic sites.

We pride ourselves on delivering an efficient service and executing our marketing strategies in an organised manner. Our strategies are high quality and always look to solve a problem.

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