SEO Consultancy

First and foremost at Terrier, we pride ourselves on our SEO consultancy services. We understand that the world of SEO can be a bit of a minefield for new brands and established brands alike. Our expert knowledge in this field has helped countless businesses realise their full potential. We will explain to you the wide range of services we provide to help you achieve the best results for your business.

Landscape of SEO

Firstly, the main purpose of SEO is to help your website rank higher on search engines. A relatively straightforward task you could be forgiven to assume but with the everchanging of the best practices of SEO, it can prove to be an incredibly intricate part of running a successful brand. There is no way to escape the use of search engines, especially as consumers, as they provide a huge source of information all in a convenient manner. 

When wanting to find a certain brand or a company that is linked to a certain product or service, google will most often be consumers first port of call. With the everchanging rules of SEO changing rapidly, and your competitors most likely keeping up to date with the said changes, it is important to keep abreast of the latest changes in order to keep your brands online performance running smoothly.

Inside the consultancy process

When looking for advice on SEO and how your brand could most benefit from it, it is important to see the steps that are taken by Terrier. We pride ourselves on how thorough our process is and making sure we keep things simple whilst not compromising on speed. We keep things simple by splitting our process up into three, to ensure all bases are covered.


Googles primary goal is to make as much useful information accessible to as many people as possible. Even though they have strayed from this and dabbled in other ventures, this is still at the very core of their company.

Content is at the core of what they do too. If you look at brands that commonly rank close to the top for common search terms (BBC, Facebook, Youtube), they all create a huge volume of content. Proving that this is more than a coincidence, it is important to create quality, keyword rich content in order to rank successfully on Google.


Google crawls trillions of webpages each and every month, and in order to do this efficiently, they have set out guidelines for brands to follow when creating the structure of their website and clearly define what the content is and how it should be indexed to help the overall site be crawled sufficiently. We make sure that all of our clients adhere to these guidelines to ensure plain sailing from here on in and to avoid any unnecessary technical hurdles in the future.


Building up a websites authority is still important and something that Google still holds in high regard. They analyse the quality of the links that are fed throughout the content on your site to see whether or not the links are trustworthy or not, which can affect your websites authority and can have a negative knock on effect on your brands image.

If you are able to get links to your domain from trusted sites, this will only boost your trust and authority, leading to Google to see you as a well trusted source. We here at Terrier make sure that we are building ethical link profiles from trusted sources for our brands and we do this by keeping up to date with the latest changes to the Google Algorithm.

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