SEO: How to do keyword research

To access the keyword planner tool on Google you need to setup an Adwords account. You don't need to spend any money on Adwords but you are required to have an account and fill in your credit card details.

Once the account is in place, go to the “Tools” tab and click on “Keyword Planner”.

Think of any words or phrases that relate to the client and type them all in the keyword planner search box separated by a comma. You can pick the location in the box below called “Targeting”. Once you click get ideas you will be presented with two tabs under the chart. Click on the “Keyword Ideas” tab and you will be shown the number of people who search for that term each month in the UK. Scrolling down you will see different related keywords and the search volumes associated with them.


Then, in an excel document, take down the relevant keywords and the number of average monthly searches, also use the suggested keywords in the lower box to find good keywords. You can also download the list from this tool as a CSV file or XML if you are looking for multiple different keywords around a single topic by click on the “Download” button.

If you are asked to find Hygiene (or Help) related keywords, you have to try and find questions or phrases that people are searching for. That means finding out how many people are searching for things like ‘how to use google keyword planner’ (390 people in the world each month) etc.

Where possible, alway use the keyword planner to research questions and phrases that people are searching for. By helping potential customers answer these questions, you can grow advocacy very quickly for your brand.

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