Attribution modelling


Attribution modelling is measuring the impact of every aspect of a campaign is having on sales and conversions, comparing the data and developing models based on cost, impact, reach, etc. Consumers may visit a site numerous times before buying, or after being exposed to several ads, across multiple devices.

Modelling of this type allows us to alter campaigns accordingly. Knowing which channels are converting successfully means that we can focus the campaign’s efforts into the ones that are producing results or adapt the campaign accordingly. Attribution modelling translates this data into insights for future campaigns.

Our Approach

At Terrier, a core element of our service package is attribution modelling. On-going optimisation of content through various tracking tools can provide added value for our clients. Analysis of the paths to conversion across platforms and channels is vital to maximising the impact and efficacy of campaigns and marketing budgets.

With the tracking tools we use, there are many ways in which engagements and subsequent purchases can be tracked. We can trace the first or last channel they visited before converting, amongst other things. Having the flexibility to track conversions in many ways allows us to collect the data we want in order to build the most insightful model possible for our client’s needs.

Our comprehensive approach encompasses different types of tracking, including impression-based tracking, social, display, YouTube, email and search. We also analyse 2nd, 3rd and 4th return visitors.

Through our tracking services, we can consolidate the resulting data, ascertain which activities are contributing towards our clients’ goals and optimise content accordingly. Charting how effective combinations of channels are, and deconstructing how the conversion value can be shared between these channels is at the heart of what we do here at Terrier.

Through our attribution modelling services, our team can provide thorough insights into customer behaviour. This enables our clients to decipher the best way to apportion marketing budgets and subsequently, justify their choices. In this way, we can also optimise a campaign’s performance and clarify costs per attribution, or per impression. Measuring marketing metrics against business results means our clients can attribute every single piece of communication created with a marketing value. Attribution modelling is at the heart of our digital strategy work.

We can now monitor when a user watches a video ad and makes a purchase within 30 days through tools like Google’s Impression tracking. As our devices become inter-connected, in addition to their increased location tracking abilities, it would be easy to imagine a future where an impression of a digital billboard by an individual user can be tracked all the way through to conversion. This would result in a clear attribution model put in place outlining the ROI of that piece of outdoor display.