Outreach is a strategic marketing tool in which a company leverages influential bloggers’ audiences by sponsoring posts, in exchange for free goods to review, or free/reduced access to a service.

Our approach.

At Terrier, we create a list of influential bloggers for all the brands we work with. These bloggers are all extremely influential and resonate strongly with the brands target audience. We are constantly increasing the number of bloggers and giving them an incentive to promote the brand, in return for free content or product.

This list is invaluable when launching a new campaign for the brand, as we can unite the bloggers to convey our single brand communication across hundreds of blogs. Bloggers offer a diverse range of options from original content creation of their own to guest posts and content seeding. Bloggers are a great way of boosting the momentum behind your campaign.

The benefits of blogger outreach are massive from an SEO point of view. Having a clear understanding of the changes to the Google Algorithm in recent years, we only engage with highly authoritative sites that increase the brands link profiles. This increase in links from influential blogs to your site will increase the sites ranking in organic search engines like Google, and ultimately drive organic traffic, as well as referral from the bloggers themselves.

All our communications with these bloggers are done through brand email addresses, so that the brand retains the relationship with the blogger going forward. We also start every outreach project with an attribution model. Working out the real numerical values behind our activity – cost per click/view/engagement – allows us to guarantee a solid return of investment for every piece of content created.

Blogger Outreach is constantly growing in popularity and value. As optimisation of web content and site structure become widely-known as best practice, digital authority will become the main differentiating factor, in terms of search engine algorithms.

Blogger networks, often demanding monetary payment for their services, will pop-up and expand globally, offering authoritative link building. To hazard a guess, we believe that these networks will become clogged up with poorly-trusted sites (as we have seen in other digital areas).

In short, we believe that blogger outreach will remain a key tool. As it becomes more widely-known, however, it will require even greater diligence and perseverance to maintain relationships with high-quality bloggers – qualities Terrier values.

Here at Terrier, we have both the knowledge and experience to develop working relationships with only the most authoritative bloggers.