Content marketing workshops


Content marketing is a strategy based on the creation and circulation of online material (see: blogs, videos, reviews, etc.) that do not explicitly promote a brand, but instead, implicitly stimulate interest in its products/industry.

Our Approach

We believe that every piece of content that brands creates needs to have a purpose and a strategy. As more and more content is being created in-house, it’s now more important than ever that brands understand this.

A content marketing workshop is a great way of figuring out what the aims are for the type of content brands produce; what type of content resonates best with the target audience, and the best channels to promote this content on.

The first task in any workshop is evaluating existing content, what’s working and what isn’t and looking at what competitors are doing in the marketing place.

Next, we look at the brands and do some exercises to identify the brands unique selling point that differs them from competitors. Often this only confirms a previously identified brand proposition but it helps cement it amongst the entire marketing team.

We then look at the target audience and identify the type of content that resonates with them, not just in the brand’s marketing place. We also look at the audience’s weekly media consumption using the latest data. This allows us to figure out the channels that are more relevant to us.

Finally, we look at populating a 3-month content calendar that outlines the content we will be creating. We also use tools to identify when the best time of the year is to release this content to pick up the maximum amount of engagement.

In short: Video. The future of content marketing is the creation of high quality cost-effective video that can be produced quickly. This ability to turn around high quality content will allow brands to keep up with the latest trends and offer their audiences informative content in the most engaging way on a regular basis. Eventually, interactive video will allow users who are interested in a topic, however specific, to explore that area within the piece of content and even purchase through the video, to make the process easier and self-contained.

If you have any questions on how a brand DNA session could help your brand, please call or email.