Remarketing is a form of online advertisement that enables sites to show ads to people who have already visited a specific site. Past visitors will see these ads as they browse websites, use social media and watch videos. The aim of the strategy is to re-engage visitors with your brand and entice them back to your site.

Our approach.

The first step in building your remarketing campaign is installing a snippet of code on every page of your site. This will allow you to track your customers. Google AdWords is one of the most prominent advertising platforms. But it’s important to remarket to your audience on every channel possible. Utilising Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter in your remarking pool can drive more traffic to your site and attract potential customers. You can improve your conversions with retargeting. In fact, retargeted visitors are 70% more likely to convert on a website.

At Terrier, our remarketing campaign involves using engaging blog posts to bring people back to the site. The idea is we show relevant pieces of content to people who already engaged with the site. It increases brand awareness and can generate more sales. We also remarket users with different messages, depending on where they go on the site.

What’s next for remarketing and content marketing?

Remarketing with customised messaging is only going to become more popular. So, we can expect an increase in personalised content for users in the future. With the amount of content people are exposed to every day, they will only read what’s relevant to them. To reach customers, brands will have to create content based specifically on the individual needs and interests of their audience. Also, remarketing to users who viewed a certain piece of content will continue to grow in popularity, as brands take consumers further down the funnel before they are presented with an option to buy.

Let’s work together

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