Email Marketing


Email marketing is the targeting of old or new consumers through email. It can be approached as a task in a variety of ways: engaging with long-term customers (remarketing); offering deals to new customers to build trust; targeting new audiences through demographic profiling.

Our Approach.

Terrier has been built around one key idea: to try everything and to fail fast. In other words, we’ve trialled every type of email, so we know what gets valuable responses from a given audience (and what doesn’t). First, through demographic modelling and research, we set up a strategy that encompasses a range of points: type of email, content styles, variety, budgets, audience profile, design, etc.

From here, we produce a calendar outlining what emails we will send, who we’ll send them to and when they’ll be sent. As a rule, we always leave some available space on the calendar. As well as allowing us to be generally flexible, this also gives us the opportunity to introduce emails on to the calendar that are incredibly relevant and engaging at short notice. Let’s use an example. Say, we worked with a company that produced tinned fish. If there was a government paper released highlighting the dangers of eating red meat, and it was widely covered by the press, we would design and implement a marketing email targeting the fish company’s audiences that was highly humorous and topical, paired with an offer for customers. And we would do that as quickly as possible, maximising on its topicality.

What’s Next for Email Marketing?

More and more emails are opened on phones these days, a trend we expect to continue for years to come. This brings with it many opportunities to optimise email marketing content for this growing sector. Primarily, emails will shrink. They’ll get concentrated down into punchy, to the point, personalised bursts that grab reader attention without the need to stop what you’re doing, or scroll down.

We’ve already seen an enormous rise in the importance of eye-tracking when it comes to web design and layout. This will become a huge factor in the email marketing of the future. Emails will be responsive to the devices they are being read on by placing links and text in the most convenient, prominent spaces on the screen.

Lastly, we are believers in cross-media content at Terrier. Video content is becoming more and more valuable in modern digital environments. Companies will no longer manage individual content and marketing channels in isolation of one another. We’ll begin to witness more and more sharing of data and content to develop one singular customer view. With this interconnectivity, emails will be able to match a variety of content with specific audiences and demographics in an directly-relevant, entirely modern form of marketing.

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