The future is responsive. Responsive design is fast becoming a given in the industry, but we only see it growing. Responsive design currently means design that responds to size and platform, that’s about it. With the ever-increasing number of picture and video hosting platforms, responsive design is going to become even more important going forward. This is especially the case with these platforms being accessible on many different sized devices. The responsive designs of the future may well respond to feelings, demographics, locations, times.

In conjunction with this, data will become increasingly visualised – and graphic designers will be leading the charge. Sites like Pinterest and Tumblr have found huge success with their brick-like usage of image blocking. Beyond making for attractive websites, image blocking content can work across platforms without the hassle of having text; no formatting, no paragraphing. Plus, the ever-growing importance of video content in regards to search engine performance and audience engagement goes hand in hand with image-blocking.

Graphic design will become increasingly post-lingual as our attention spans shorten.