Optimisation is the term to describe several strategies designed to increase relevant traffic from customers who are likely to convert on a site. Increasing your visibility in organic search engines and across social channels is essential for gaining new audiences organically.

Our Approach.

At Terrier, we are experts at optimising existing content to increase visibility for brands in the digital space.

Firstly, we research the brands target audience and search for valuable insights into their behaviour. We can then build a customer profile to use going forward. This will allow us identify missed opportunities across search and social. Using tools like the Google Keyword Planner Tool and Google Trends, we can see exactly what user terms our audience are searching for and when.

Next, we look at three specific areas; content, structure and authority. Looking at content first, we evaluate how the existing content has performed and identify new content opportunities that our target audience are interested in.

Regarding structure, we look at how the information is being indexed by search or social platforms. We get our technical team to put together a full list of technical changes that will help the brand perform higher in organic search listings.

Finally, we look at authority, which is based on the number of links going to a website in the case of organic search rankings or the number of likes/follows or people engaging with a page.

This approach allows us to get the maximum exposure from any of our activity across both social and organic search engines. Optimisation is one of the first components in all our of digital strategy projects.

What’s Next for Optimisation

As social channels become more crowded, the number of blogs online increase, the number of eCommerce store glow, optimising content will become essential if brands are to gain any cut-through in these areas. As brands operate internationally, optimisation of content to foreign languages will become even more important – Google, in turn, will likely offer more (and more) services to help users optimise their sites to international audiences.

As optimisation of content becomes more associated with best practice, we believe it will be the little things, like tagging content correctly, adding alternative text to images and adding subtitles to video content that will make an increasing difference when it comes to outranking your competitors.

Let’s work together

We work with clients from start-ups to global brands. If you’ve got a project, get in touch and we’ll get the ball rolling!