Social media


Social media marketing is utilising social media platforms to gain attention or traffic for your brand/site. A large part of this process is developing new, engaging and creative forms of digital content.

Our approach.

Staying up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations in social, we aim to get the most amount of always engagement possible from any of the social activity we do. Social media should be the most topical, relevant and conversational area of your digital media strategy. Where possible, we always try to use video due to the much higher rates of engagement received.

The content we create across channels like Facebook and Twitter specifically looks to solve a problem/answer a question for that brand and their customers. This type of content is specifically called “Hygiene” or “Help” content and answers a question that a target audience may have.

What’s next for social media marketing?

We apply the same approach to the visual social media platforms too. For example, our Instagram social media planning is centered on creating a variety of different, visually stimulating content rather than stale, formatted repeat posts or cheesy stock images.

For example, a new chocolate brand might want to increase the number of products their customers stock in their cupboards. One way of doing this would be to increase the versatility of the brand and re-position them as excellent for cooking and baking.

We would do this by creating a series of recipe videos that explain how to make “chocolate rice cakes” or “chilli and chocolate recipes”, etc.

These recipes would sit on YouTube and pick up organic traffic, picking up new audiences. We would also promote the new recipes across social channels to existing audiences to re-position the brand in their minds as the go-to chocolate of cooking and baking.

With the increased popularity of video-based social channels and the ability of video to generally be platform agnostic, you can imagine a future where brands think video first. Brands will look to PR agencies to create social campaigns to engage their audiences.

Expect to see much more pranks and random acts of kindness involving unsuspecting strangers. Where previously on the fence, brands will start to weigh in more on political matters (often in a satirical way initially).

Blogger outreach will become far more linked with social media, as agencies start to create large seeding networks to promote the brand’s latest escapades. Social Media is forming a bigger figure across all areas of our digital strategies and will continue to do so.

So, if you’re looking for a social media agency in London, please get in contact with us today.