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Crafting an Instagram social media strategy is fundamentally about developing a strong, over-arching theme which incorporates different post styles, maximising user interaction. With a high-quality Instagram social media plan, marketers can influence purchase decisions whilst also building brand loyalty and awareness.

Our approach.

At Terrier, we try every social media channel and adapt the content to fit in with the specific platform. The balance between distinct types of content is an essential element of Instagram social media plans. You can’t just post promotional content or branded images all the time, then expect engagement. To be successful on Instagram, you need to prepare a highly-researched content strategy around a central idea and regularly post several types of content.

We breakdown posts into themes, such as product-centric, culture-centric, informative content, promotions and competitions. We set up the same strategy across all social channels, but with Instagram, the emphasis is – obviously – on visual impact.

Regular competitions are a great way of incentivising engagement on your Instagram for both new and old followers. Competitions get people excited about a brand and have the potential to be far more visual and dynamic than competitions on other social platforms. It’s simple: our plans aim to connect with consumers whilst developing a following that keeps engaging.

What’s next for instagram social media planning?

As Instagram continues to grow, more people will want to explore new things with the brands they follow, and brands will want to explore new types of content to build further relationships with their fans. In the future, shoppable content will be a key component of Instagram planning for any brand selling product. Currently it’s usage is limited, with only a few brands truly testing it out, but in the future, you can imagine it will be an important type of content for generating sales.

Also, video content is finding remarkable success on Instagram, so in the future, social media plans will need to contain more video content. Engagement for video is higher than any other form of content and this will likely continue in the future.

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