Twitter planning & strategy


Twitter social media planning involves creating a strong voice that communicates a specific message to your audience. It’s about making concise and compelling content in order to attract new followers to your brand and keep them engaged over time.

Our approach.

Terrier generates numerous ideas for Twitter posts that fit well into your overall content strategy. It’s very important to stand out among the thousands of messages sent out daily on Twitter. More than any other social media platform, Twitter is all about the ‘moment’, so we make sure the content we create is fast, topical and sparks conversation.

It’s crucial that brands post informative content to grow their presence. Providing valuable information gives people a reason to follow your brand. When tweets are insightful and uniquely relevant to your brand, it shows to your audience that your company is knowledgeable and reliable. Great online information captivates people and it’s an effective way of making people come to rely on your brand as resource.

It’s equally important to create content that stays true to the brand’s voice. The best way to do this is to be consistent with the type of messages you deliver and to create Twitter posts that are clearly related to each other. Publishing a stream of fragmented posts is a quick way to lose followers. If you post fragmented, unrelated posts, they will be ignored and forgotten about in seconds.

What’s next for Twitter planning?

Used correctly, Twitter is a great tool for creating reputation, growth and driving traffic to your site. As video content is now everywhere, we can expect a far greater use of dynamic video on Twitter, such as interactive 360 videos. Live broadcasting could also start to dominate Twitter in the future, as it is already central to Facebook and it’s becoming increasingly central to Instagram as a platform. What started as a feature in ‘Facebook Mentions’ has now opened up to everyone. Twitter live streaming could become a core part of brands’ content strategy, especially since the platform wants to position itself as the go-to destination for live broadcasting.

Also, there’s no question that in the future brands will continue to build their network of influencers so they can connect with their target audience more effectively. That means influencer-based Twitter content could grow rapidly. Many consumers want to learn about products through content and from the opinions of others, rather than through traditional advertising. So, brands might come to rely heavily on influencers who have credibility with their audience. In doing so, the digital gap between brand and consumer experience will close.

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