Radius targeting


Radius targeting or radius fencing is the functionality offered by different media agencies to target audiences within a certain radius. The radius circumferences you can target differ depending on the platform you are using, most generally however allow users target people within a 1km radius.

Our approach.

Not all brands have nation wide distribution of their products and can identify different regions around the country that are more relevant than others. At Terrier we plan out where our brand communications should be shown to have the best chance of gaining recall among the right audiences. Using radius targeting we can target stores, supermarkets, neighbourshoods, etc. in other words, places where our brands’ audiences frequent. We combine this with targeting users based on interests, age, sex and time of day. The aim: to improve the percentage of communications connecting with the most relevant audience.

What’s next for radius marketing?

While advertising to an individual with customised messaging seems a long way off, radius targeting allows us to get one step closer to this goal. We expect that media platforms like Adwords and Facebook will be aiming to bring their radius targeting options down form 1km to 500m in the coming years. In a decade we envisage the ability to potentially target individually buildings. This combined with the ability to map out previous user locations will allow brands to map out a commuter’s route to work and target them with relevant communications that are tailored to their needs.

Let’s work together

We work with clients from start-ups to global brands. If you’ve got a project, get in touch and we’ll get the ball rolling!