Digital media strategy


A digital media strategy can be defined as an organisation’s plan to effectively target its audience through digital channels. Your digital strategy is the key to content and messaging consistency, differentiation, and marketing performance.

Our approach.

At Terrier, we identify the social platforms that your customers frequent. It’s important to pay close attention to the channels most relevant to your brand.

To be successful with your digital media strategy, you need to set clear objectives to establish a framework. A framework includes how you will measure your progress and the methods you will use to engage with customers. We create specific tasks as a part of our strategy, such as running competitions on social media. It’s important to build content ahead of time. In doing so, you’ll stay flexible with room to add topical content, like current affairs, events and other interesting news – this kind of topicality is especially valuable on Twitter as platform.

Your plan should include goals, promotional channels, type of content and media budget information. It’s all about mapping out a sustainable digital strategy, to support your business goals.

What’s next for digital media strategy?

In the future, it’s likely VR will be the headline across all industries. VR opens up doors for brands to get creative with how they engage their audience and produce content. We will start to see digital planners incorporate VR and interactive video in their strategies. One of the biggest trends in the VR world has been Facebook’s development of Facebook Spaces. This app allows friends to hang out in VR through their Facebook accounts. It’s not yet widely accessible, but in the future, we will likely see brands use social media VR to take customers through their products and services for an immersive experience.

Live-streaming will also become even more important to marketing plans in the future. Live videos offer real-time conversations and can help turn your audience into brand advocates. It can create a sense of community amongst your fans, as well as drive real-time data for your company. Successful digital media strategies of the future will be video-focused and interactive.

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