WordPress web builds


WordPress is the most common CMS platform used across the internet. Until recently the platform is associated with non-eCommerce websites. The platform is famously known for being easy for beginners and intermediates to use, whilst also allowing advanced users to add complicated functionality.

Our approach.

At Terrier we start with creating a sitemap outlining all the key pages that are client required on their site. Next we look at designing wire-frames that outline how the site will look. Next we create a functional spec that outlines all the functionality we will have across the entire site, detailing each pages functionality fully. Finally we look at designs and identify if our clients would prefer a complete custom build or if we can find a secure theme that we can adapt. Only then do we proceed with the build.

What’s next for WordPress?

It’s hard to separate the future of WordPress from the future of WooCommerce, as both platforms destinies seem interlinked. WordPress’s simplistic functionality has revolutionised the internet and we struggle to image how any developments in the platforms future could outshine it’s past. Cleaning up it’s CMS from a UX perspective to be more inline with the Square Spaces platforms of this world makes sense. We will also see the ability for even beginners on the platform to add far more complicated functionality to their sites.

Let’s work together

We work with clients from start-ups to global brands. If you’ve got a project, get in touch and we’ll get the ball rolling!