Structural SEO Auditing

An integral part of SEO and building a website to adhere to the best SEO practices is by carrying out structural SEO audits. An SEO audit that we at Terrier would carry out is ensuring that your website is well optimised so that it can be crawled and indexed correctly. Doing this helps make sure that your website will be able to move up the search engine rankings. One way to look at it is by seeing it as a ‘health check’ for your website to see if everything is running smoothly and to see if anything needs to be looked at any further. We will walk you through how we carry out SEO audits and why they can help improve your website and how that can also improve your brand overall.

What is an SEO audit?

This SEO audit is relatively self explanatory. With Terrier, it is an integral part of our service that we provide which then helps up move forward with carrying out other important SEO tasks down the line. We analyse your website from top to bottom, focusing on the technical aspects of the site. We look out for:


  • Indexing issues- We head to google search console to see which pages on your site have been indexed, if there are some that aren’t google can’t crawl your site properly and therefore cannot rank your site as a whole properly.


  • User experience- The user experience can be harmed by a site riddled with bugs, so to ensure that the user experience is not compromised, it is important to fix these issues sooner rather than later.


  • Keyword research- This helps provide further information about what your potential consumers are searching for and then we can use those words to feed them into written content on your site, directing more potential users to your site as well as away from your competitors.


  • Backlink profile- The more trustworthy the links are on your site and links that are directing users to your domain, the higher the authority and better the backlink profile, which plays into Googles hands for the better. 


  • Site architecture- With a well structured and optimised site, you will run into fewer issues of slow page speed and poor user experience and will then give your users with more content which in turn provides them with more reasons to stay on your site and visit your site on a more regular basis. This leads to higher clicks, impressions and a better dwell time.


All of these aspects of your site need to be properly reviewed with a fine toothed comb because if any one of these facets of your site cause any problems, it can have drastic consequences for your business down the road.

Why carry out an SEO audit?

In what seems like one of the least exciting parts of running your business, it arguably the most important of the digital aspect of your brand. Even if you have your online PR set up and running and is proving to be successful, the traffic that goes to your site will not be reflecting this success if it is not set up correctly. This is when the SEO audit comes in handy. 

When working on an SEO audit, it is providing you with the right information on how to fix certain issues on your site that will be hindering your success. It is important to follow these steps and take this information on board as it will help prevent these mistakes from cropping up in the future.


In conclusion, the importance of carrying out an SEO audit can not be overstated. When Terrier is able to analyse your website and provide fixes to issues that are hampering your performance as a business on the whole, it is only a positive. This provides you the knowledge not making similar mistakes in the future and therefore further peace of mind.

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