888 Vapour

The Challenge

888 Vapour are a business that find themselves in a relatively saturated market that is vaping and e-liquids. With a brand in this situation, it can prove to be difficult to make any sort of digital noise to help improve the visibility of their brand. With clients in a situation such as this, there are a number of steps that can be taken to help improve visibility. These include:

  • Domain-level property set up for Google Search Console.
  • Rework the H tag structuring across the site.
  • Improve the page speed across the site.
  • Conduct competitor backlink analysis.
  • Update product info pages.

The Campaign

Following an extensive structural audit of the 888 Vapour site, it was clear from the start of what needed to be carried out to help improve the brand image and to make the business as a whole a little more successful.

Improving the page speed is a vital step to take in order to improve the users experience to let them leave satisfied after visiting rather than frustrated. The nature of 888 Vapours’ market space means that they are naturally image heavy on their site, so removing any images was not an option. Optimising and compressing the images however has the desired effect on improving page speed. Taking this step helps smooth out moving from page to page on the site, leaving the user more inclined to stay on the site and more time spent on the site improves the likelihood of purchasing products. 

Setting up their Google Search Console properly was also an integral step into helping improve how they will be able to gather vital information about how their site is performing. If there are any issues that might be going unnoticed by the naked eye, more often than not Google Search Console will be able to spot it. Once these issues are noticed and seen to promptly, your site will naturally start to perform properly and will be in a position to be consistently crawled which can then lead to the site being indexed on search engines.

The H tag structures across the site was another issue that arose following the structural audit and therefore needed reworking. Ensuring the H tags are properly structured helps indicate where the most important text is on the page. An additional useful tactic regarding H tags is to include keywords, as this helps emphasise the importance of the chosen keyword and can help this page rank higher on search engines.

On top of this keyword research, a much-needed step was to improve and optimise the written copy regarding product information. Helping optimise the product information with relevant keywords helps improve the search engine rankings of 888 Vapour and can help close the gap on their competitors.

Another way of gaining on their competitors is by performing competitor background analysis, which was the next natural port of call. What this enables clients to do is gain an invaluable insight into the marketing strategies that their competitors are carrying out. This is so invaluable as this can help 888 Vapour gain a little traction on their competitors whilst simultaneously improving their own backlink profile.

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The Results

The outcome for 888 Vapour after consulting with Terrier was only positive, as they were able to not only improve their visibility in such a saturated market, but also gain an invaluable insight into the best SEO practices and how best to carry these practices out. 888 Vapour saw:

  • The site’s reliance on brand term traffic was reduced.

Organic Traffic Increase



Organic Impression Increase


Organic Traffic Revenue



Overall Transaction Increase


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