The Challenge

With Amulet being a brand new company in a relatively new space, they were struggling to make any headway with their digital marketing, with them even struggling to rank for their own brand name. With a relatively big task in hand to get this brand on the straight and narrow, these were the tasks that needed to be taken in order to make headway:

  • Extensive KW mapping for site pre-launch.
  • Main navigation consultation for their site.
  • Adapting to the turbulent nature of crypto by tracking KW mapping closely.
  • Fresh content being written ready to bulk out the written content side of the site.

The Campaign

Starting from the ground up with a new brand always presents difficulties but also presents you with a clear and prioritised list of where to start and what needs the most attention from the get-go. With the site looking to get launched in the near future, ensuring that their KW’s were in order was vitally important. As they weren’t ranking for brand terms, making sure that the content that was to go on the site was in line with the KW mapping was equally important. 

Getting fresh content written out effectively in bulk provided a different type of challenge, as when this is being done, it is important to focus on producing high quality written work even though quantity is also a factor. With regards to the field of crypto, which is rapidly changing, it was also important to ensure that what was being written will still be of relevance whilst still being relatively specific and not too vague to keep readers engaged.

Speaking of the rapidly changing world of crypto, ensuring the keywords were being tracked and keenly followed was of utmost importance as well. Making sure that the keywords were remaining relevant in the turbulent world of crypto helped ensure that Amulet would not being missing out on ranking for these search terms and queries. The work being put into Amulet ranking for even their brand terms was not to be dismissed, hence the tracking of these keywords.

With the hectic time running up to a site launch for a new company, it is important to not overlook the basics of a well run site that helps the brand image not to take a negative hit as well as a positive user experience once they enter the site.

Chances are for new companies that users will be quick to judge and be critical of the slightest issues so ensuring a positive experience for potential customers was imperative. Consulting over the main navigation of the site was an important step to take as this gave the team at Amulet the necessary tools to make sure that their site could run smoothly and sure up a positive user interface. The interface will also ensure that the extensive keyword mapping is being utilised correctly which will in turn positively influence their search rankings.

The Results

Established brand presence in search results for the first time.

Organic Traffic Increase



Overall Search Visibility Increase


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